Fiji is loved for its light blue skies, golden beaches, and exotic culture. Those that travel across its stunning scenery often find a sense of serenity.

If you’re traveling here, there is a new island retreat that captures the complete beauty of this archipelago paradise: Malamala Beach Club.

A Stunning Setting, Delectable Cuisine & Mixologist Designed Cocktails

The space a structure resides in should complement and achieve harmony with the nature surrounding it, which is the case with Malamala’s minimalist inspired setting with mesmeric ocean views.

Despite trifling numbers on our visit, their spacious seating made it easy to feel fully immersed in absolute comfort.

malamala setting 1

malamala setting 2

malamala setting 3

We lounged in an elegant beachside private cabana (at an additional fee of $65) which was completely in sync with its surroundings. In the cabana package, you gain access to attentive butler service and a cell phone that connects you directly to the main desk.

Anything you need is literally just a call away.

malamala cabana

After settling into our cabana we took our time to enjoy the beautiful scenery, take a dip in turquoise waters, sip on our potent yet delicious cocktails, and take a lazy afternoon nap.

Awakening to the washing and hissing of the waves, it was time to devour some of the nibbles I had read about.

The menu is crafted by Lance Seeto (an ambassador of Fiji flavour), and employs 100% locally grown produce with a twist on conventional local recipes.

Here’s a sample of what we ordered:

  • Malamala Island Fries
  • Spiced Bhuja Mix
  • Mochiko Fried Chicken
  • Spiced Goat Curry
  • Golden Orb

malamala menu

With the philosophy of steering clear of imported produce, the Malamala fries were a welcome change from your traditional french fries. Made from various root crops including taro, cassava, breadfruit and kumala, this Paleo inspired craving was cooked to perfection with a decent crunch. If they can go easy on the chili sugar salt, this will be a winner.

The Spiced Bhuja exploded with flavour using an exotic blend of crispy-crunchy noodles, peas, peanuts topped with chutney, masala and seaweed salt (this was a little overpowering)

A sucker for fried chicken, I was pleased to find the Mochiko fried chicken’s batter was nice and thin, no sign of excessive oil, topped with a gentle layer of roasted sesame paste which helped hit that flavor palate.

mochiko chicken

Next was the spiced goat curry pie, which was inspired by Sydney’s classic Harry’s Café de Wheels Tiger Pie. There’s a lot of mystique surrounding pastry, however, the goat pie was pure crisp topped with mashed pumpkin, crushed lentils and finished with a sweet and tangy tamarind sauce.

malamala food

Then came dessert, the Golden Orb.

Think Mr. Wong’s deep fried ice cream with butterscotch sauce, but better!

gold orb

Fried caramel sphere ice cream (perfect batter) with a supporting cast of Dulce de leche, crystallized ginger bits and edible gold leaf.

Nothing more to be said. Try it.

The Drinks

Bottles, whether it be wine or beer have become my preferred drink of choice – Cocktails haven’t quite hit the mark around this part of town.

The “curated” list of cocktails here would have even the most critical of connoisseurs craving another.

malamala drinks 1

The island inspired drinks were creatively designed by their mixologist. There were a set of seven cocktails infused with a variety of organic herbs, local rums, a special noni juice and even hot chillis.

After having a chat with bartender Niko, it turns out they even formulate home made syrups and negate the use of common bar syrups such as Grenadine.

malamala drinks 2

Who would love the Malamala Beach Club Scene?

If you’re looking for the sand-in-your-toes factor, enjoying fine foods, colorful cocktails and laid back tunes, this is the place. While it’s not an exclusive adult escape, it’s the ideal paradise for couples, a group of friends and sight-seeking travelers.

How much?

Although Malamala is considered a Beach Club, there is no entrance fee. The boat ride to the island with South Sea Cruises will cost you $119 with an additional $65 for your own private cabana (which I highly recommend).

Alternatively, you can grab a few friends and hire a private service to enjoy the freedom to come and go whenever you please. If you consider this option, the team we hired were easy going and won’t drain your wallet.

Final Thoughts

Some spend the afternoon flaked out under the sun, snoozing under parasols while gentle waves come lapping at the shore. While others soak in the infinity pool, cruise on a stand-up paddle board or snorkel and explore the ocean floor.

The one thing Malamala Beach Club patrons will have in common is that once you’ve been, you inevitably start planning to get back there someday, somehow.

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