After an impeccable experience at Nanuku Auberge last year, I knew my wife’s birthday weekend this time around was going to be difficult to top. After a bit of thought, I decided that a luxurious tropical getaway would provide the much-deserved relaxation she’d been craving. I decided to take a plunge and book a stay at the Six Senses Fiji, a brand new resort on the idyllic Malolo Island that brings a refreshing new approach to island getaways.

Paradise Found: Arriving at Six Senses Island

Our adventure began at Port Denarau Marina where we hopped on one of the resort’s private speedboats and embarked on a scenic 35-minute ride toward Malolo Island.

As the boat arrived at the dock, we were treated to the guitar strumming and warm voices of Bula Malaya. The traditional Fijian song embodies the warmth and hospitality of the locals, who greeted us with wide smiles and open arms as we set foot on the island.

The GEM Factor

As we made our way towards the beachfront, we were greeted almost immediately by Shane, our Guest Experience Maker. After exchanging pleasantries, we hopped into a buggy next to Shane where she illustrated the history of Malolo Island, the seemingly endless amount of activities to partake in and an all-around orientation of the resort. By the time we arrive at our residence, we were left with an appreciation and curiosity for the mysterious volcanic island which we found ourselves on. 

She also explained that her role as a GEM was to ensure each guest is provided with unique crafted experiences that correspond with the Six Senses philosophy (as we later found out, a GEM is assigned to each guest to look after him or her during the entire duration of their stay). A worthwhile investment that allows for incomparable personalised engagement.

The Spa Experience

Having recently experienced some of the world’s esteemed wellness and spa propositions in Bali, there was a strong hint of scepticism that Six Senses Fiji would even come close. Authentic and rooted in local tradition, we were pleasantly surprised that the spa made for an outstanding experience that was unequivocally its own.

As we made our way through the resort, a contemporary interpretation of a traditional Fijian village surrounded by lush tropical jungle, we already began to feel at peace. The tranquil environment, coupled with perhaps the most comfortable massage table I’ve ever experienced (where the face cushion doesn’t leave you with a sore face and blocked nose, I might add), made for 60 minutes of much-needed relaxation for the two of us.

Our “Tension Soother” treatment applied a blend of massage strokes and techniques we had never before experienced, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. 

Meet me at the Bar

Here’s something you don’t come across at many resort spas – an alchemy bar. Put simply, the alchemy bar is a comfortable open room behind the Spa welcome desk where the real magic happens. We were given a 30 minute run-down on how to concoct your own body scrub with an emphasis on local, in-season ingredients organically grown on-site. We dove head-first immersing ourselves into the craftsmanship, tradition and technique behind the process and were even able to keep our scrub in a jar as a wonderful memory.

Integrated Wellness & Sustainability

Of course, a getaway experience is much more than sipping on coconut mojitos with your feet nestled into the white sandy beach (although a few of those don’t hurt either!). I was pleasantly surprised by the resort’s unwavering commitment to healthy living and overall wellness, something that clearly lies at the heart of Six Senses Fiji. For a nation said to be behind in the global shift towards healthy eating, it was certainly a welcome sight to see the resort push through such a message.

While I’m no stranger to the occasional coconut water, experiencing the authentic tonics and bitters from the team of mixologists was an experience all its own. As was everything, from the homegrown kombucha and keto rolls to the available wheat-free bread and gluten-free cookies.

Like their commitment to wellness, the resort also actively promotes the smart management of energy, water, waste, biodiversity and chemicals. The resort is 100% solar powered, uses LED lighting and includes a calculated reforestation program, however, it truly was the little touches that stood out – the bottled water that is produced on-site to avoid single-use plastic bottles, the metal straws that are served with drinks and the thriving composting system.

Closing thoughts

Surrounded by crystal waters, pale ivory sands and lush tropical jungle, the Six Senses Fiji experience offered the tranquillity, privacy and luxury that my wife deserved for her special weekend. Its core values of wellness and sustainability only seemed to magnify the calm and rejuvenating benefits of the island’s nature, leaving us feeling great about the personalised experience.

P.S. I strongly recommend booking a Beachfront Pool Villa to truly appreciate the island’s setting and the enchanting hues of the Mamanuca ocean. 

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